Top St Louis MO Colleges And Universities To Choose From

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Top St Louis MO Colleges And Universities To Choose From


There are some outstanding colleges and universities in St Louis MO. If you are thinking about attending college in St Louis, it is important to carefully consider your options. Do you know what you want to study yet? You can check out schools, rankings, degree programs, campus life and much more as you look at the top colleges and universities in St Louis MO.

One of the most prestigious schools in the area is Washington University. Washington University was a school I considered attending upon graduation. As an undergraduate, you would be attending one of the top schools in the entire nation. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the rankings from US News & World Report and other reputable entities that rank universities across the nation annually. The tuition is going to be a bit on the high end, especially since Washington University is a private institution, but this school is the best of the best.

There are plenty of great colleges and universities in St Louis MO though. Saint Louis University is another one, and it is also a private university, specifically a private Catholic university. It has been around since 1818, which means it was established before Washington University, which was founded in 1853. In fact, there is no university west of the Mississippi that is older than Saint Louis University.

This next university is a good one, and it is a public institution, too. It is the University of Missouri – St Louis. The University of Missouri is huge, statewide, with four campuses, and this particular campus was the latest installment. As for the student population, there are currently a little over 16,000 students, about 1,000 more than Washington University. The school colors are red and gold, which reminds me of my Alma mater, Texas State University.

Webster University is another popular private institution. There is also St Louis Community College, Maryville University, Missouri Baptist University and more. That’s not even counting nursing schools, technical schools and other accredited institutions. Where would you like to attend school in St Louis?

If it were me, I would probably attend the University of Missouri. If I could absolutely pick which college to attend, however, and not have to worry about tuition, I would choose Washington University. I have always loved that school for some reason. Both of the ones mentioned are excellent choices, as are the others. I have already graduated so it’s your turn. Pick a school and enjoy this adventure of a lifetime.